In weightlessness, stems and roots grow in any direction. This is because plants sense gravity through gravity sensors, which does not function properly.


The germinated seeds grow the stems above ground (up) and the roots underground (down) in the soil. Such a property is called "gravitropism".


In the weightless universe, the gravity sensor of the plant does not function normally, so the stems and roots grow in any direction.


The sensor that senses gravity is an equilibrium cell located in the root cap of the root or in the vascular sheath of the stem.

The stars that can be seen in the night sky are "stars" such as the sun, "planets" that orbit the stars like the earth, "satellite" that orbits the planets, and elongated ellipses. It can be divided into four types, "comets" around the stars, according to the orbit of the star. All of them seem to shine brightly to our eyes, but only the stars emit light by themselves. The other three types reflect the light of stars and shine. In the case of the moon, which is the satellite of the earth, it looks bright because it repels the light of the sun.


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