Your Engagement Party…

Your Engagement Party

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I am known for saying “corny” things like “what comes before Part-B??? Part-A…Hey!” Get it?! The answer is party! Sooo what comes after you said yes…an engagement party! {boy I sure hope I didn’t loose you after the first line}. If you’re anything like our brides, you love having or attending a party. Well here’s another reason to celebrate. Here are a few tips to plan your Engagement Party.

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Who: Traditionally the family of the bride will put this event together! Etiquette has it, that whoever will be doing the inviting should do the hosting {$$$}. So if you the couple will be sending the invitations, well you get the drift, you will foot the bill.

What: The reason for having this event trumps calling everyone to share the good news that you’re about to tie the knot.

Where: You can host this party anywhere, heck you can even throw the formalities out the window if it does not tickle your fancy! Still stumped on where to have this event, try {your favorite restaurant, your living room, your parent’s backyard, call a couple food trucks to come out, etc}.

When: You should do it within the first few months, if not at least 9-11 months before your wedding day.

Why: This is a great opportunity to formally introduce everyone to each other. Especially those who will be playing a role in your big day. You only want to invite those who will be invited to your wedding.

I sure hope this help, if not call us to chat!



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