Who Pays for The Groomsmen Tux | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

Who Pays for The Groomsmen Tux | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

Who Pays for The Groomsmen Tux

When it comes to a wedding, your wedding party needs to know who pays for the groomsmen tux. The role of a groomsman comes with a hefty price tag as you have to foot the bill for pre-wedding day festivities including the wedding day. Traditionally, the groomsmen are responsible to purchase or rent their tux or suits. We highly recommend that you share the upfront costs and responsibilities prior to asking someone to be in your wedding party. Remember to not be offended if they decline the opportunity to be in your wedding party.

How Can I Save My Groomsmen Some Money?

1.) A few of our clients, who are well established financially cover the cost of their wedding party’s attire, this eliminates the question of who pays for the groomsmen tux.

2.) If you really want this person to be one of your groomsmen and you are aware of their final situation, I suggest that you split the bill with them if you cannot afford to pay the entire bill.

3.) There a few other couples that paid the difference if the suit or tux cost more than $180.

4.) The Black Friday at Macy’s will possibly save your groomsmen hundreds of dollars. Black Friday sales are sometimes a gimmick, but not in the suit department. We shared this with a few of our couples and their groomsmen scored big, really big savings. They typically have fitted suits for $99 which is $100 less than what it will cost at a suit rental company. The great thing about owning a suit is, you can wear it over and over again to other events, church, job interviews, and another wedding. Getting your suit from a major department store like Macy’s is ideal if your wedding party lives in different states. Keep in mind that a few of their suits will have to be hemmed, but any alterations shop or dry cleaners can do an amazing job for less than $40, if it’s more, say no thank you can run the other way.

5.) You can save your groomsmen some money by purchasing their ties & socks or paying the rental fee for their shoes.

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