When To Order The Groomsmen Tux | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

When To Order The Groomsmen Tux | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

When To Order The Groomsmen Tux

When to order the groomsmen tux is equally as important as the ordering time for the bridesmaids’ dresses.  Finding the perfect tux can take a lot of time, so you definitely want to start shopping for the style you want to have your groomsmen wear. Therefore we highly recommend ordering your groomsmen suit to happen no less than six months before the wedding date. There are scenarios when your engagement is less than six months, so the sooner the better.

Why Do I Need To Order Them So Far In Advance?

Great question! When it comes to the groomsmen suits and tuxedos, you need enough time for the tailor to do the alterations. Your groomsmen are going to be in your wedding pictures which are meant to last a lifetime, so their tux has to fit a certain way. Your groomsmen have to look and feel comfortable as they will be wearing this tux for at least seven hours. To determine a good fit, the hem of their jacket should not be any longer than their middle finger. The cuff of their shirt should not peek more than half an inch from the sleeve of their jacket.

Another thing to consider is the time of year you are going to get married. Chances are if you are up against prom or homecoming season you will have slim pickings or possibly nothing to pick from. Another thing to consider is if your wedding is happening during peak wedding season, this can also mean good luck, Chuck, hahaha if your name is really Chuck. Let’s say you happen to find a tux but 100 other guys are taking their tux to the tailor to get alterations, this could mean that you may have to pay a rush fee or you will have to do your own hem by running to Walmart in the middle of the night to purchase hemming tape.

A final thing to consider is your lovely bride who already has a list of items from earth to Jupiter that she is stressing over, don’t add to her list by waiting until a couple weeks before the wedding to order your groomsmen tux. Men’s Wearhouse is a sought after tux rental company as their selection is pretty amazing & their process is simple.

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