What Is A Luxury Wedding | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

What Is A Luxury Wedding | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

What Is A Luxury Wedding?

Luxury WeddingLuxury Wedding Luxury Wedding

A luxury wedding means leaving no stone unturned, it means having an intricate eye for the details. By no means does a luxury wedding have to be stuffy, it can be fun, it can be entertaining, it can be for a modern couple or for the couple who wants a seaside fete. We believe luxury weddings are for the anti- DIY couple, one who wants to hire the industry’s finest creatives.

 A luxury wedding not only spills over into the style & design on the wedding day, it should also be about the way you make your guests feel – yes create this special event with selfless thoughts. You definitely want your guests to feel welcomed, loved and acknowledged. We believe that welcome bags are a must for your guests staying at one of the hotels you have a blook of rooms for them to stay, the contents of the welcome bag should be practical and useful. Keep in mind the bag should be on the fancy side with a handwritten note.

If you’re getting married at a private estate, we highly recommend hiring a valet parking company. When the guests receive their vehicle at the end of the event, there should two bottles of water waiting inside the car with them. Without being cheesy, you can affix a custom thank you label to the water bottles.

If your party/reception is going on more than two hours after the cake/desserts we highly recommend a late night snack – something fun & bite size.

Getting Ready Location

If you’re tying the knot outside of a hotel or a resort, we highly recommend getting ready at a beautiful location for photograph reasons and comfort. Your bridal party will be up pretty early to start getting ready, so have plenty of food, drinks, and sweets for them to enjoy. Perhaps you will be getting ready before noon, you can have a mimosa bar, fruits & breakfast sandwiches – the chicken mini’s from Chick-fil-A are very popular with our couples.

Luxury Wedding


This is a must if your wedding ceremony or reception will not be at the same venue. We encourage that our couples hire transportation from the hotel to the venue{s}. If your bridal party is getting ready at another location other than the venue- you guessed it, transportation is a must for them. Keep in mind they will be shelling out a lot of cash on the look you want them to have on your wedding day – from their hair, make-up, attire, and shoes.

Luxury Wedding Luxury Wedding

The Stationery

Welcome to our wedding signs are great, but the quality of the invitations will definitely set the tone for the style and class wedding you and the love of your life will be having. The verbiage, the paper & the envelopes are very important. Luxury screams hi-quality.

Luxury Wedding Luxury Wedding

China. Flatware. Stemware

Our luxury couples opt out of using the basic stemware, flatware, and plates. Instead, they rent pieces to create a dreamy tablescape. For example, they rent upgraded Chine plates has a lavish pattern encircling the rim of the plate, the stemware is also upgraded to have a pop of color or a pattern encircling the rim of the glass.

Luxury Wedding Luxury Wedding


Setting an inviting table should be very important and polyester linens with an eight-point turn are not the answer. Our clients spend a little extra on upgrading the tablecloths and napkins as the textile is very important to them. The perfect linens will adds a touch of glamour, elegance and sophistication.

Luxury Wedding

Florals. Seating + Decor

Beautiful blooms made with the fresh flowers in beautiful containers/vases are a must. Our luxury clients always opt to upgrade the chairs from the standard banquet chairs with chair covers to finer, trendy or modern chairs. In addition to exquisite floral designs, there are other important elements like drapery, custom designed backdrops, lighting selections, stylish bars, lounge seating, and ceremony, reception and stage decor.

Luxury Wedding     Luxury Wedding
Luxury Wedding

Luxury Wedding
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