What does a wedding coordinator do at the rehearsal | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

What does a wedding coordinator do at the rehearsal | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

What does a wedding coordinator do at the rehearsal?

If you are reading this blog post, then you are probably wondering what does a wedding coordinator do at the rehearsal. I am going to share this information from our standpoint as a wedding planning company. We attend all of our client’s rehearsal to facilitate and manage the entire rehearsal.

Is there preplanning involved?

Yes, we do preplanning with our couples to avoid having to bother them with questions that could have been answered prior to the rehearsal. Preplanning for the wedding rehearsal is a must as it will keep us within the time the venue allows.

We like to meet with them in person to pre-plan for the rehearsal. We begin working on the logistics with our couple 30-45 days before their wedding day. During our meeting, I sketch where the bridesmaids & groomsmen will be standing at the altar and who each person will be coming down the aisle with. I also note how the groomsmen should hold their hands during the ceremony. I note which door or walkway the bridal party will use to get to the altar if there are multiple choices.

We also include the line-up order starting with grandparents down to the bride’s entrance with her escort. I note the order for the ceremony so I can share it with the bridal party if the officiant will not be at the rehearsal. I review and discuss which honored guests will be sitting in the reserved seats, for example, the grandparents, siblings, aunts, and uncles.

Who needs to be at the rehearsal?

Everyone that is in the bridal party and the professional. This also includes grandparents, readers, ushers, the bridesmaids, groomsmen, pastor/officiant and the wedding coordinator.


What happens at the rehearsal?

We go through all of the plans from start to finish with the bridal party and honored guests. We line up the bridal party at the altar in their correct position, including the bride and groom. If seats are available during the rehearsal, we have the honored guests sit in their seats. Once it’s understood where everyone will be standing or sitting, then we line up the bridal party as planned and then they will make their way to the altar. We will cue the bridal party as to when they should start walking towards the altar. We also practice the recessional, this is when the bridal party leaves the altar.


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