Welcome Bags

Welcome Bags

Welcome Bags

Welcome Bags

Some details for your wedding are non-negotiable & welcome bags for guests staying at hotels are definitely one of them. Picture this, you’ve spent hours or an entire day in an airport, you probably experienced a layover, you’re miserable + tired – you only want to check into your hotel room. Upon your check-in to your room, you find a welcome back from the couple! Immediately, your day just went from a negative to a positive.  Welcome bags are meant to say thank you & I am so glad you are here to see me say ‘i do.’ Go the extra mile will definitely make the heart of a tired soul smile.

Welcome bags are a lovely expression of gratitude for your guests staying at hotels. The contents does not have to be over the top, but try your best to make it thoughtful. Just a heads up, most hotels will charge a delivery fee per room. Some hotels charges a per bag fee if multiple bags are being delivered to the same room. You can also ask the hotels if they will give the welcome bags to the guests upon their check in into the hotel, if yes, this is usually complimentary.

Here are a few items to place inside the welcome bags:


Our friends at Twigs & Birch can create something fun + personalized to compliment the style wedding you are going to have. Trust us when we say, your guests will feel so loved and welcomed!



Handwritten notes are my jam!! There’s something exciting about reading a handwritten note someone wrote to me. Bottom line, grab a pen & paper. This is your big opportunity to personally thank & welcome your guests. You can also share more details on the festivities for your wedding weekend for the not-so tech savvy aunt that still has a flip phone and is clueless about your wedding website. If you are providing transportation, this is a great place to include shuttle pick-up and drop-off information as well. Also, consider including local maps, a card detailing your favorite things to do in the area, and, of course, a welcome note to your guests.



Bottled water in hotel rooms ain’t cheap. There are times I rather risk the possiblity of dehydration instead of opening the mini fridge in my hotel room. Make this a luxury experience for your guests and place two bottles per guest inside their welcome bag! If you’re not big on water, we highly recommend – Aqua Panna.



Don’t forget to include something to satisfy your guests’ sugar crave! Make it fun by including your favorite candy, chocolate, gourmet popcorn or cake pops in cute packaging. I am a sweet + salty type of girl, so go ahead and include a bag of chips for the late night hunger pains.



Guests always appreciate fresh fruit— seasonal and local is definitely the way to go, run to your local farmer’s market for some great finds. We encourage you to get apples and citrus as they will stand up in the bags for several days where things like bananas, berries, grapes and others fruits are less likely to stand a chance.



Yes, it’s a wedding and there will be hangovers thanks to your four hour open bar and welcome drinks. Pain relief tablets and solutions are always appreciated! Tylenol or  Advil packets and some mints into a cute “hangover kit” mini-satchel ($100 for 100; etsy.com) for the morning after.


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