Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

Shopping for the ‘perfect” wedding venue can be a lot of fun…

Hey girl hey!! So he put a ring on it & now you’re shopping for the ideal wedding venue to host the best day of your life.

Shopping for a wedding venue calls for you to pull out your white gloves + spy kit. Be sure to look for key things, in addition to the items on our wish list. Your wish list may have items such as, picturesque views to take your wedding photos, or a rooftop for your ceremony, or hardwood floors to avoid having to rent a dance floor.

Be our guest & use the following when you’re out shopping:

1.) Was your fist impression of the catering sales manager at the wedding venue memorable?  If yes, this is a great thing. If not, this is a red flag on how the rest of the journey is going to be.

2.) Did they seem professional but friendly with answering your questions? This is important as chances are, you will be working with this person from beginning to end at this wedding venue.

3.) Was he/she prompt with following up via telephone or email? I cannot emphasize how important this is as you don’t want to feel ignored.

4.) Ask for a formal proposal with the total cost for the food, beverage, ceremony site and the ballroom space. Receiving this piece of information will help you decide if this venue is within your budget or not.

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