Wedding Transportation | Orlando Wedding Planner

Wedding Transportation | Orlando Wedding Planner

Wedding Transportation | Orlando Wedding Planner

Wedding transportation is a must if your wedding will be taking place at multiple locations.  When hiring a wedding transportation company you want to be sure to ask the right questions. I know, there are a million and one blogs out there with ridiculous questions. Trust me, I empathize with you as you want to ensure that you will be making the best decision, so we created the top three questions for you to ask. Grab your pen &  notepad – or if you’re a tech-savvy bride, get ready to screenshot the following questions to ask then contact our friends at Orlando Party Bus and Limo Bus to assist you with your wedding transportation.

Can I see your fleet of wedding transportation in person prior to signing the contract?

This is a must for our clients if we’ve never worked with a particular wedding transportation company before. Anyone can tell you what you want to hear, but the proof is in the pudding – show me the product! When you see the wedding transportation you want to rent, get inside to see how the interior looks and smells. Check out the trunk space if you’re planning to carry bag with you. Check out the tires for separation in the treading.

May I have a side-by-side cost comparison?

I ran into several instances where it was less expensive to charter the vehicle versus paying an hourly cost. First and foremost you need to work out the logistics as far as the distance between the pick-up location and drop off location. You need to calculate the total hours you are going to need the vehicle. Depending on the total hours you will need the wedding transportation, your best bet may be to do a charter for the total amount of hours you will be needing the vehicle for.

A perfect example was when our client was tying the knot at a church in Winter Park with a reception to follow at The Alfond Inn. The tricky part was that the guests were staying at the Alfond Inn so they needed transportation from the hotel to the church and then from the church back to the hotel. To save on cost they charted two minibusses with multiple drop-offs and pick up times.

May I have the contact information for the driver?

This information is so vital! Most businesses are closed during the hours of an event. We always ask for this information as we need a point of contact on the day of. You will need a person to contact to review the transportation itinerary with. You will need their contact information in the event they are not at the location at the scheduled times.

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