Wedding Reception Music| Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando, FL.

Wedding Reception Music| Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando, FL.

Wedding Reception Music

Wedding Reception Music Wedding Reception Music Wedding Reception Music

Wedding Reception Music will set the tone for your entire wedding reception. When it comes to finding balance with your playlist & the DJ drawing your guests to the dancefloor takes a lot of creativity.

Is it okay for me to select every single song I want my DJ to play?

Heck to the No… it’s never okay!! Allow your DJ to have creative freedom. Give the DJ a genre/type of music you want to hear during dinner. The music for dinner should be soft & low key allowing your guests to have tableside conversations.

Can I select any of my wedding reception music?

Yes, most definitely. We advise our clients to pick their favorite tunes for the highlight moments. We highly recommend that you

Wedding Party’s Entrance – this is where the bridal party is formally introduced into the reception.

Bride/Groom’s first dance – we encourage you to listen to the words of the songs with intention. I will never forget a wedding I attended back in the ’90s when I was a little girl. Basically, the song the couple danced to was by Atlantic Starr “Secret Lovers”, this song was basically about a man and woman cheating with each other. Bottom line, listen to the lyrics!!
Father/Bride – this is when the bride dances with her father. A big trend today is choreographed dance between the bride and her dad. We highly recommend that you keep this routine under 3 mins if you want to keep your guest’s attention.
Mother/Groom – this is when the groom dances with his mother.
Cake cutting – a few of our couples are stumped when it comes to selecting a song for the DJ to play during the cake cutting, in this case, they give their DJ creative freedom.
Bouquet/Garter – typically it goes in this order: the bouquet toss, garter removal from the bride’s leg, garter toss to the single men, garter placement on the leg of the lady who caught the bouquet by the guy who caught the garter.

Last Dance: this can be with the bride & groom alone while the guests form a circle around the couple. Another option will be for the guests to join the couple on the dance floor.

Meet the Creatives Behind This Post on Wedding Reception Music

Wedding Planner: Marsha Campbell with Events By Seven, Inc.
Photographer: Merrick Cousley Photography
Venue: Holy Trinity Reception Center
DJ: Blue Chip Entertainment
Dance Floor: A Chair Affair, Inc.
Ascott Tables + King Louis Chairs &: CHIC Event Furniture Rental

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