Wedding Invitation Tips

Wedding Invitation Tips

Wedding Invitation Tips

Wedding Invitation Tips 

We are so glad you decided to swing by to read this blog on wedding invitation tips. Your wedding invitations should share the necessary details about your big day. We are going to share our top seven wedding invitation tips that are often asked by our clients with you in this post. Don’t forget to bring a clean copy of your wedding invitation suite with you to your getting ready location so your photographer can include it in the detail shots.

When should I mail our save the date cards?

The purpose of your save the date cards is to inform the guests on your wedding date & the wedding location. If you’re going to have a short engagement, meaning your wedding date less than four months away, there’s no need to send out the save the dates. You’re going to have to call, email or text your guests to get their address, they can mark their calendars then. We discourage this for a few reasons, with two of them being, you can spend that money on another element for your wedding such as the decor, food, bar and so forth. The other reason is, the guests will probably confuse the save the date for the invite and not pay much attention to the invite. With them not paying attention to the invite, you will be getting a lot of telephone calls for the details.


When should I order our invites?

Play it safe by ordering your invites three to four months from your wedding date.


How many invites should I order?

If you’re planning to invite 120 guests you will not have to order 120 invites as most of your guest are couples. Figure our how many guests will be coming from each household and order one invite per household. Do your self a favor and order 20-25 extra sets – trust me on this!!


When should I mail our invitations?

For guests living living within the same country, we recommend six to eight weeks before your wedding date. For guests who are living in a different country from you, we recommend 10-12 weeks before your wedding date. With the guests traveling from another country, they may have to apply for a visa or any other necessary travel documents.


What date should I put on my RSVP cards?

If you can, I highly recommend 30 days before the cut off date for your caterer and/or your venue. Most caterers need  your final head count 14-21 days before your wedding date. We encourage our clients to leave room for following up with the slackers, you know the guests who takes forever and a day to reply – yes, that person. Please do not be cheap, include stamps on the RSVP envelope. Label the to and from section on the envelope for the RSVP card as most guests will not write their names on it. If you’re planning to have meal choices for your guests, don’t forget to to include the lines by each food choice for your guest to write their name or initials on that line.


Can I put adult only invitation on my invitation?

I would love to say, heck yeah!! But, that’s not proper – you know, the etiquette thing?! This information should be shared verbally with each guests who have children. If you’re going to have a wedding website, you can definitely share this on the website. You can encourage those parents to treat this as a date night for them to eat, drink and dance the night away. If your better half wants all of his nieces and nephews there, then I highly encourage to create a kids lounge in a separate room with a professional sitting company. Most venues requires license and insurance from the child care companies, plus this will give their parents a piece of mind. You will also need to plan to entertain & feed these little one who will be in your kid’s lounge.


What should I include with my invitations?

Wedding Website Card – this will save you a boat load of money as you can put so much on this site. We highly recommend, The Appy Couple to all of our clients. Your wedding website will hold links for your gift registries, your honey fund, wedding weekend festivities, hotel information & a lot more information.

Thank you so much for reading our blog on wedding invitation tips. We hope and pray you found this information to be helpful.



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