Wedding Guests

Wedding Guests

Wedding Guests

Your wedding day should be more than you & the love of your life tying the knot – it should also be about showing your wedding guests the finest hospitality. Please keep in mind that your guests are traveling from another city, state or possibly another country. Your guests will be spending a lot of money to see you + your sweetheart say ‘i do.” In addition to your wedding guests spending a lot of money to travel and for their accommodations, they will have to find their own transportation, which could become expensive if your wedding is during peak travel seasons. Let’s not forget that they have to buy their own meals apart from the wedding day, their attire and of course a gift for you. So why not shell out a few extra dollars per person to ensure they are going to be comfortable on your wedding.


Top Five Ways to Accommodate Your Wedding Guests

5.) Lounge seating –  lounge seating around the dance floor is great for the non dancers #peoplewatchers, so they can sit back and take in all of the latest tunes + dance moves.  Lounge seating should be a must if the dancing is going to happen in another room separate from dining room/ballroom.

4.) Late Night Snacks – Late night snacks are a must if your wedding lasts more than 3 hours after dinner was served. It will be a great idea to serve finger food/appetizers. This will keep your wedding guests from feeling ravenous.

3.) Comfortable Climate –  If the weather forecast calls for a cold front, it will be best to create a comfortable climate for your wedding guests will be by renting space heaters. A less expensive alternative is to purchase hand + foot warmers & pashmina scarves for them to have and hold incase they’re cold

2.) Beverage Stations – Quench their thirst by having beverage stations. This is the perfect idea for a hot & humid day.

1.) Touch-up Stations– touch up stations are very important, as a handful of guests always fall short of having personal items with them. We encourage our clients to stock two baskets with hygienic items, sanitary items, hair ties, off wipes, stain remover pens, place each basket in his/her restrooms.

Wedding Guest Wedding Guest Wedding Guest Wedding Guest Wedding Guests Wedding Guests Wedding Guests Wedding Guests

Photographer: Antoinette with ArtPhotoSoul: Wedding & Lifestyle Photographers

Venue + Heaters: Luxmore Grande Estate

Furniture: RW Events, LLC

Late Night Snacks: Rita’s Italian Ice

Catering + Welcome Champagne: Big City Catering, Inc.

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