Wedding Day Tips | Getting Ready

Wedding Day Tips | Getting Ready

Wedding Day Tips | Getting Ready

Wedding day tips on getting ready are so vital. If you ask us the getting ready part of your wedding day is as important as your vital organ {you know, the heart or lungs.} Trust us, we are not being dramatic, we are just keeping it real. Here are our top three wedding day tips when it comes to getting ready.

Hair & Make-up:

For this, we highly recommend the bride to be scheduled a hair and makeup trial prior to the wedding day. Don’t be frugal, spend that money, honey. Doing a trial will allow your hair & make-up artist to create a cheat-sheet with the detail on your skin tone, shades that will compliment your skin tone, your hair texture. Once she has all of this information, she will be able to create a some-what accurate hair & make-up schedule. The bride should be placed in the middle for the hair & makeup so she can relax and breathe before the ceremony starts.


Food & Beverage:

We don’t know about you, but we cannot function on an empty stomach. We highly encourage our clients to or food based on the time of the day. Let’s say you are getting ready is taking place on or around noon, order a light lunch with something salty & sweet for your entire bridal party to eat. What to order? We’re glad you asked, you can do a taco bar, pizza, subs, chips, and dips with fruit and lots of water. We highly recommend that you purchase the mini water bottles and have a few sharpies so your bridal party can write their names on the bottles of water or the cans of soda.



Don’t wait until the time has come for you to figure out how your bridal party will be transported from the getting ready location to the venue. You should leave at least one hour prior to the ceremony start time to be your arrival time. You want to leave enough time to get settled into the wedding party suite/holding room, run to the restroom and to breathe. If you’re planning to order an Uber, you can schedule your trip prior to the appointed time. If you’re not providing transportation, then you should create a carpool schedule for your bridal party.

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