Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget

Guest-imating your wedding budget…

Your guest list will control your wedding budget and that’s the truth. With this in mind it’s best to write the names down versus keeping them in your head.

Your guest list becomes a reality when it is written. The difference between 150 guests versus 137 many means more of the following:

1. Tables – an average table can comfortably seat 8-10 guests depending on the place setting, if you have charger plates or not. It also depends on the style chairs as a banquet chair will take up more room at each table.
2. Table cloths & napkins – most venues that includes the tablecloth and napkins will have a maximum qty that is included in the package, so this means you will have to come out of pocket for the additional pieces. Depending on the quality & size, you may end up spending $30 per table cloth.

3. Stemware, flatware and china – most hotels will not charge for the additional items, but if you’re getting them through a rental company, you bet your bottom dollar that you will have to pay for each additional piece. Keep in mind that some rental companies may have a minimum qty, so they may have to be rented in groups of fives or tens.

4. Centerpieces – worse case scenario is to repurpose your bridesmaids bouquets on the additional tables if it will compliment your current design. If not, then you will have to order an additional centerpiece. Don’t even think about leaving a table plane jane  for the unexpected guests, it will look like a major oversight + an eye sore.

5. Food & beverage – Don’t forget to account for the additional children who will be attending as they will want their pizza or chicken tenders.

6. Chairs & chargers – please don’t forget to get more of these

7. Cake –  the big money saving tip is to order a kitchen cake or a sheet cake to feed the additional guests.


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Planner: that’s us
Venue: The Alfond Inn
Photographer: :: Photo + Video
Cake Designer: Fig & Flour Bakery
Chairs, Chargers, Gold Flatware + Drapes: Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals
DJ + Lighting: MADD Vybez Entertainment
Flowers: Flowers By Lesley Lesley
Wedding Gown: Calvet Couture Bridal

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