Unique Wedding Favors | Luxury Wedding Planner Orlando

Unique Wedding Favors | Luxury Wedding Planner Orlando

Unique Wedding Favors

There’s no better way to thank your wedding guests than sharing some unique wedding favors with them. Allow your imagination to run wild with a list of unique wedding favors you would like to give to your guests, if you’re feeling stumped, we highly recommend our friends at Forever Wedding Favors as they have so many fun & unique wedding favors to select from. One of my favorite items from their website is the Modern Geo Salt & Pepper Shaker Set, you can also opt to have the boxes personalized by adding a sticker with your names & wedding dates. I love everything about this company from the ease of ordering to the delivery of the good package products. The best part is the product looks just like the pictures on their website.

Below you will find a few tips + suggestions. Wedding favors should be light, packaged well and no liquid if your guests will be flying back home after your wedding.

How Soon Should I Order:

We highly recommend ordering your wedding favors three to eight months before your big day. If you’re planning on having a destination wedding, you may want to ship them to your Wedding Planner as she can accept the shipment, inspect the items and then safely secure them until you arrive for your wedding weekend.

How Many Should I Order:

If you’re planning on having 100 wedding guests, I recommend ordering 50. From my experience, not all the guests will want to leave with a wedding favor. Another reason is most guests will be there with a plus one {or a plus three for a family of four.}

Where Should I Display Them:

We highly recommend leaving them on a table next to where most guests will be exiting through. You can create a  beautiful display by adding a wedding sign sharing with your guests to please take one, some height variation, a few fresh flowers, and a tablecloth if the table calls for it.

Unique Wedding Favors Unique Wedding Favors Unique Wedding Favors

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