Tips For Choosing and Booking Your Honeymoon | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

Tips For Choosing and Booking Your Honeymoon | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

Tips For Choosing and Booking Your Honeymoon

Tips for choosing & booking your honeymoon will help as you are probably trying to plan your wedding at the same time. We all know, planning a wedding and honeymoon is one of the most exciting time in our lives. But, it is also one of the most stressful. You have much more to do that purchase a wedding dress and have some cake.

The stress is to be expected, but hopefully, the stress will be minimal with our Tips For Choosing and Booking Your Honeymoon can be lessened. Most of us only have a need for the vendors, equipment, and service once in our lifetime. Most of us have no idea of the detail that goes into making a beautiful wedding.

While the wedding is the main event, for the bride and groom the honeymoon is of equal importance. In this post, we will give you some tips to help you with the special time that is reserved for only the loving couple.

Tips For Choosing and Booking Your Honeymoon

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First things first when it comes to Tips For Choosing and Booking Your Honeymoon

  • Before you begin planning the wedding or the honeymoon, hire a wedding planner. Do not think you can do it all yourself. Even if you could, there are not enough hours in a day. Hire a good wedding planner and go over the details of what she will and will not do. Make it clear to her that you want her to check out deals for the honeymoon as she shops venues. This is especially important if you are having a destination wedding.
  • Set up a honeymoon account. Honeyfund is the most popular honeymoon account. This is an account that allows your friends and family to gift you online. You set up line items of what you want. Your guests select what they want to provide and at no cost to them, they pay for the item online. It could include a wonderful dinner on the beach in Ocean City or a tour through a rainforest. Whatever you want to do, you wedding gifters can help you do them.

Planning the honeymoon

  • Have a reality check. How much time can you get away from work? What can you afford to spend from your own bank account? There are times when the couple wants to go to Paris, but their budget will only get them to Florida. You hope you are gifted enough to go to Paris, and you look at all the packages and prices. You continue to show on your Honeyfund how much you are paying and you watch it closely. As you reach the cut-off dates for the trip to Paris, you drop to plan B and set up for a beautiful honeymoon in Florida.
  • With the high cost of luggage on airlines, be very selective on the clothing you take along. If you buy additional items while you are there, Send them to your home via UPS as you are leaving. It will cost much less.
  • For both locations, ask about package deals. If you are traveling off-season, you can get some great bargains. Deals may include meals, transportation, complimentary wine, and a choice of activities. Don’t forget to check the amenities in the hotel. You may have dinner and a live show included in your package.

How Can I Help?

Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando Tips For Choosing and Booking Your Honeymoon

Photo credit: Castaldo Studios

Okay, you might hear this a hundred times from people, but you know they don’t mean it. Even if they did mean it, you wouldn’t trust them with something as important as your honeymoon. But when your best friends ask how she can help, she means it. There is plenty of things she can do.

Make a list of the places you and your soon to be spouse would like to go. If there is something particular you would like to do, list that too. Let her know your budget and give her access to your Honeyfund account.

She can send off for information about honeymoon packages or hotel deals. She will keep an eye on the honeymoon site and mark when something has been covered. She can update the account as items go and give them known items. (She can also send the gifter a personal thank you from you.) As you collect enough gifts (added to your personal mone) she can update you on which locations you are able to afford.

She will also have to keep a close watch on deposit expiration dates. In a word, she will become you honeymoon personal assistant.

Note: do not give the same person the responsibilities of being the maid of honor or the honeymoon assistant. That is asking too much. But you can go to friend number two and ask the maid of honor to oversee the process.


It takes work, organization, and dedication to pull this off. But you can do it, and you are worth it. We are hoping that you gained a few nuggets on Tips For Choosing and Booking Your Honeymoon from reading this blog.


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