The Problems with an Increasing Guest List…

The problems with an increasing guest list during the planning process can and will lead to planning anxiety and bridezilla or groomzilla moments. We get it, it’s your special day and you want to celebrate with everyone you love.

When it comes to the guest list,  do you keep running into  let’s add “Just One More?!” If yes,  I have  to be a Debbie Downer, as you’re probably going to run between a rock and a hard place.

True scenario, we had a wedding at a popular venue in Orlando, FL. unfortunately our client’s guest list ballooned overnight, this caused the bride to stumble upon wedding planning anxiety, having to shell out a lot more cash than she planned. Below, are a few things to consider as your guest list increases as it can be more complex than just one more or two or three and in some rare cases 35 more.

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Sunflower Centerpiece

Sunflower Centerpiece



#7… Adding more guests means you will need extra centerpieces or floral arrangements for the cocktail hour and/or the guest tables.

#6…Don’t forget to add another tablecloth or two for the extra table{s} that you will need as most tables seats 8-10 guests comfortably.

#5…Most linen companies rent napkins in packs of five, in this case you cannot add just one more.

#4..Keep in mind the maximum occupancy that the ballroom can hold.

#3..Don’t forget to add the service charge, the tax and gratuity for the extra meal{s}, which can cost hundreds!

#2..Chances are, you will have to redo the floor plan and seating chart.

#1…Eeks, if you’re getting married during busy season, you probably cannot add more chiavari chairs as the rental company is out of stock in the gold ones. What does this mean?! You will have to get more chairs from another company and have to pay them a separate delivery + setup fee.

Please count the cost when adding more guests to the list, there are a lot more things to consider than just a plate of food. Communicate with your venue and key vendors in regards to the additions {planner, baker, florist, caterer…}. We suggest creating  three separate guest lists and sending your invitations out in waves.

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