The Best Wedding DJs

The Best Wedding DJs

The Best Wedding DJs

The best wedding DJs definitely exists here in Orlando, FL. We believe that you should refrain from being frugal in this department. We pride ourselves in searching for the best wedding DJs in our industry.

What Qualifies them to be The Best Wedding DJs

  1. Listening Skills: your DJ should listen to what genre of music you would like to hear at your wedding. The best wedding DJ’s will allow you to select the songs for the highlight moments, like your bridal party coming down the aisle, leaving the altar, your entrance into the reception, your first dance, the dances with your parents and the cutting of the cake.

    This doesn’t mean that you need to go crazy and dictate every single song that you would like to hear. This would stifle their creative freedom!! You would never go to the chef of a luxury restaurant to hand them ingredients – you chose to dine at that restaurant because of their reputation, menu selection &  possibly the service you want to receive.

  2. Punctuality: An amazing DJ will arrive two hours prior to your wedding. They should leave this time to unload, move their vehicles, set up, conduct mic check, review the song selection with the Wedding Planner, change into their work attire, and start playing music 15 – 30 minutes prior to the ceremony start time.
  3. A Fun Personality: Who wants to be around someone if they are boring? Not me!! The Best Wedding DJs are professionals with personality. They will not be there to be the star of the show or in the limelight, but they will be able to draw your guests to the dance floor and keep them there until they need an oxygen tank- well maybe no oxygen tank, but you get the point.
  4. Modern Equipment: Nobody wants to see holes in their speakers – a major eyesore. The best wedding DJs will have a facade to cover their equipment/sound system.
  5. Knows & Loves Music: they should automatically know the song you’re referring to without having the name of the artist or the title of the song. Yes, they should be that good.
  6. Portals: The best wedding DJs will have a planning portal where you can collaborate with them to upload your song selections, names of your bridal party, and your wedding day itinerary.
  7. Face-to-Face Final Meeting: They should be able to carve an hour or two to sit and discuss ALL the details and logistics with you where music is concerned.

Two of our favorite Top Wedding DJs

  1. MADD Vybez | Instagram + Website
  2. Blast Productions | Instagram + Website

*Photographer Credit: Ashley Jane Photography

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