Retirement Gift Ideas | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

Retirement Gift Ideas | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

Retirement Gift Ideas

Searching for retirement gift ideas can almost leave you staring at your electronic device for hours or possibly days. I know the feeling, you want to get the best gift ever for your favorite retiree. I know this because I was just there. After many decades of being a devoted employee, my father was ready to celebrate the end of his career. This was very hard for me because I did not know what to give a person who has everything. My father is not in need of anything, so this is why I sat in front of my computer for days upon days scrolling and Googling the phrase retirement gift ideas. I wanted to give him a tangible gift and not a gift card.

How I narrowed down my search?

I created a checklist with some of my father’s favorite things, places he likes to shop, places he likes to eat, and things that make him relax. Now that I had my list, I was able to search for things he would like.

What did I purchase?

So among many of my father’s hobbies, he’s a sophisticated social drinker – yes, he’s a liquor snob. I stumbled on the perfect gift, a whiskey set. This set is called Gentleman’s Choice and the best part is, it can be personalized, talk about being fancy. Here’s the link if you want to check it out for yourself – click here.

Things I had to consider?

Since my father lives in New York, I had to have the gift shipped to him within a reasonable amount of time. I needed a company that is reliable. The company I found, Memorable Retirement Gifts did such a great job with the packaging. What sense would it make if I found the perfect gift, but the shipping process destroyed the gift?

My Father’s Reaction

Let’s just say that my gift to him is trending. He immediately found a home for it, he placed it on the front of his bar. He loves it so much, he took a called to thank me and I could hear a big smile over the telephone.

Retirement Gift Ideas

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