Planning an At-Home Wedding | Orlando Luxury Wedding Planners

Planning an At-Home Wedding | Orlando Luxury Wedding Planners

Planning an At-Home Wedding

Planning an At-Home Wedding can be stressful without hiring a wedding planner. Although you understand the ins and out of your home, a true professional will bring value to the planning table. He or she is an expert with logistics, details and recommending the right vendors for you to hire.

Here are a few of our tips and ideas for Planning an At-Home Wedding.

Hiring The Right Vendors

You definitely want to hire vendors you can trust as they will be coming into your home. As for the caterer, it would be nice to hire your personal chef as he or she understands your kitchen and equipment very well. If you are going to hire your personal chef, please plan on hiring servers as most chefs only cook and plates the food. You would need servers to pass the appetizers out to your guests during cocktail hour, to bring each guest their meal during the dinner and to buss the tables at the end of dinner. You should also consider hiring a professional bartender.


Unless you live on 60 acres of land, chances are you don’t have a lot of space for your guests to park. We highly recommend that you hire a professional valet company. If parking is very limited we recommend that you charter a coach bus, you can make arrangements with a church to have your guests park on their lot and have the coach bus pick them up from that location and take them to your home. Most transportation companies have a minimum amount of hours for you to charter the busses for, which could benefit your guests if they want to leave early.

The Floor Plan

This could be the tricky part. Wedding sings with directions are a must, if not have ushers to welcome and guide the guests. If the layout for the room is rectangular or square, then it might be best to use rectangular tables as you will be able to maximize the space. If you’re planning to have the ceremony or reception outdoors, you may want to contact a tent company in the event of rain. Most tent companies will give you a three-day reservation window to rent the tent or not. If your home has a pool, we recommend having the cocktail hour around the poolside. Depending on the time of year, I believe the dining should be inside for many reasons – bugs, bugs, and more bugs. Who wants bugs on their dinner plate, not me! Grab a measuring tape and start measuring, then contact the furniture rental companies to get the dimensions for the tables and chairs. Remember to leave enough room between each guest tables so getting around can be easy for you, the vendors and your guests.


Setting Up

If your wedding is going to be under a tent or inside your home and you’re planning to solicit the help from your bridal party with setting-up, we encourage doing so the day before. Who wants to be accepting deliveries, executing plan B, or lifting and carrying on their wedding day. Most tent companies will set up the tent the week of the wedding. We recommend to set everything up except for the cake and flowers. I would place the containers for the flowers on the tables and all the other decor items in its proper place. If you’re not renting a tent and everything is open air, then do not place the linens and the other decor items on the table in the event of inclement weather. Instead, keep them in labeled bins and hire a day of coordinator to handle the setup and the event day management. I told you Planning an At-Home Wedding can be a little tricky.

Planning an At-Home Wedding Planning an At-Home Wedding Planning an At-Home WeddingPlanning an At-Home Wedding
Here are a Few Vendors that Made Ayzha & Garrett’s At-Home Wedding at her parent’s private estate in Heathrow, FL Possible:
Tent: Rent-a-Land
Tables & Chairs: A Chair Affair
Cake: Michael Anthony Cakes

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