Planning a Beach Wedding | Anna Maria Island, FL.

Planning a Beach Wedding | Anna Maria Island, FL.

Planning a Beach Wedding

Planning a beach wedding comes with far fewer restrictions and a whole lot of freedom! You are free to dress more on the casual side and arrive with your bare feet. You will have the ocean as your ceremony & reception backdrop, which will be perfect. Decor can be a lot more on the chill and simple side. Here are four tips & ideas for planning a beach wedding.

Planning a Beach Wedding Planning a Beach Wedding Planning a Beach Wedding

Altar Decor

When it comes to the altar decor less is more!! We encourage that you channel into your beach vibes and enhance your current surroundings. Think an arbor made from bamboo, slightly covered with chiffon fabric that will go in the same direction as the wind. Think seashells dangling from the top of the arbor.

Unity Ceremony

The unity ceremony is an outward symbol of your inward affection and commitment to each other. When on the beach, we highly recommend doing the sand ceremony. Keep in mind to purchase a complete set that can be sealed to lock in the sand.


Wedding Party Attire

We believe in lightweight fabrics. Chiffon, linen, and cotton are always a plus, but sunglasses and flip-flops should be mandatory. Having a beach wedding means the day will be beautiful because of the rays coming from the sun, so this means your wedding photos will have your wedding party squinting to keep the rays out.

Seating Chart

Framed seating charts versus tent folded escort cards. Just imagine, all 100 escort cards are perfectly placed & alphabetized on a decorated table and then a gush of wind comes by to sweep 75 of the cards away. Yep, it’s beyond possible & then the stress will kick in high gear with guests having no idea which table they should be sitting at. All of your hard work would have been in vain.

Venue: Sandbar Anna Maria Island


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