Men’s fashion for weddings

Men’s Fashion for Weddings

Men’s Fashion for Weddings

Men’s Fashion for WeddingsMen’s Fashion for Weddings

Men’s fashion for weddings

Men’s fashion for weddings, tend to lack character, edge & style. Just because it’s a wedding you don’t have to shed all your personality. Men’s fashion for weddings can range from formal to informal, but you need to ensure you’re suitably dressed & still remaining true to your personal style! Florida native, Johnathan Alexander CEO of Dapperville Gentleman is definitely a guru as he placed a spin on men’s fashion for weddings! Embark on the journey to learn how Johnathan will place a spin on men’s fashion for weddings, based on the venue, the time of day, time of year & the style wedding.


Why men’s fashion for weddings?

I got into retail, selling suits {at The Men’s Wearhouse} and it required me to wear suits 5 to 6 days out of the week. It opened up my eyes on how important appearance is in today’s society. I am very passionate about fashion! Within the past few years, my love for passion turned into a way of motivating people, which made them feel better about themselves. My clients are very confident about themselves.


Johnathan’s goal with each client

My goal with each client is to make him or her feel comfortable + extremely happy with the garments that I choose for them. I am your go to guy no matter on the event. If they need to be dressed for success or not, I want to make them feel like the best version of themselves.

The process

First comes an inquiry from a prospective, then I will ask a series of opened ended questions {budget, reasoning behind the consultation, their role in the wedding} so I can understand who they are + their personal style.When it comes to the initial consultation, I delve a little deeper to figure out how many looks they need & get their measurements so I can create their master plan…you know my blueprint.

During the wardrobe reveal, I’ll show them some examples of what I found, if they like it I will then began my search to find the right look for their wedding party, during the process I will schedule multiple interviews with them to have them take a look at the garments I found until we find the perfect one for their big day!

Within 3 to 5 days, I will personally deliver their garments


Value {cost/price}

– $75 for individual consultations

– $250 for wedding parties {flat rate will be due half way through the process}

– $75 {per hour} for individual consultations.

– $500 for wedding parties over 3 people.

– $700 for wedding parties over 5 people

– $1000 for wedding parties over 8 people.

– $1200 anything over 10 people.


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