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Luxury Wedding Cakes | Orlando Wedding Planners

Luxury Wedding Cakes Luxury Wedding Cakes

 Luxury Wedding Cakes

Luxury Wedding Cakes

Luxury weddings deserve luxury wedding cakes, there should be no exceptions as your cake will be a centerpiece on it’s own table. Luxury wedding cakes are basically concocting your dream cake with a design that will compliment the style wedding you’re planning to have. Wedding cakes no longer have to be boring or lame as the cake designers we work with are experts in their field

We believe many things when it comes to luxury wedding cakes, so here is a list of our top seven beliefs.

A Cake Designer

Don’t assume you have to purchase your wedding cake from your caterer or venue. Most catering companies will outsource the cake and often times the pastry chef they use, is not a skilled designer. If they caterer or venue allows you to bring your own cake designer, they might require proof of insurance & apply a small cake cutting fee to your invoice. The cake designer who you select to move forward with should be one with amazing reviews, a wonderful tasting experience and a portfolio that is out of this world. The cake designer should be able to take your ideas and mix it with their ideas and level of expertise.

When to Hire

Start shopping for your wedding cake early in the planning process. Most amazing cake designers book up really fast especially during the peak wedding seasons.

Professionals Only

Hire a professional! A true professional is like an engineer, they understand and applies the necessary pieces of equipment to make them last through the reception. Cakes with multiple layers demand proper reinforcement to keep it from collapsing into each other. They understand the proper cardboard that is needed to separate the cakes.

The Topper

Consult your cake designer before purchasing your cake topper. We highly recommend that you bring in the topper you have in mind before they start working on your wedding cake. Some toppers are too heavy & some toppers have a stick that is taller than the height of the top tier of the cake.

The Delivery

Here in Orlando, Florida, most of the cake designers we work with typically range from $6 per slice, plus a delivery & set up fee. This is a must in our eyes. The delivery process is nerve-wracking, with this said most designers will finish assembling the cake at your venue.


How to Save

Your budget will not allow you to have a glamorous five-tier wedding cake with the bottom tier to compliment your invitation suite, don’t worry just order a sheet cake to feed the masses. More than 99% of the time, your wedding cake is taken to the catering kitchen to be sliced, plated and served to your guests. A kitchen cake is a sheet of wedding cake that will look and taste like the cake on display once it is sliced & served.


The Cake Stand

The cake stand is like having the proper accessories when you’re wearing a beautiful outfit. Find a stand that will compliment your wedding cake. Personally, a wedding cake with round tiers would look so much better on a round cake stand. We also believe less is more in many scenarios. Check with your cake designer to see if they have an inventory with stands that you can rent from. If they don’t have a stand that you love, consult with them before you order online as you want to be certain that the stand you’re in love with will be able to accommodate your cake as you don’t want your cake hanging off the edges or too small for the cake. Think of your cake stand as a perfect fitting shoe – too big or too small will be an eyesore.

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