Life of A Wedding Planner

Life of A Wedding Planner

Life of A Wedding Planner


Have you ever wondered what the Life of A Wedding Planner looks like? Welcome to a  “Day in the Life” by Planner’s Lounge. Here’s a sneak peak on a day in my life as a Wedding Planner. Grab your favorite drink – a glass of wine, a latte or frappe and enjoy my take on the Life of A Wedding Planner.

Name: Marsha Campbell

Business Name & Location: Winter Garden, Florida

Years Working in the Event Industry: Since 2002

Years Owning Your Event Planning Business: Since 2011 {Seven Years}


Business Facebook Page: Events by Seven, Inc.

Instagram: @eventsbyseven

Life of A Wedding Planner | What my typical day looks like?

4:35 AM ~ Alarm sounds for my gym workout
6:00 AM ~ Breakfast. Hairstyles. Pack Lunches {I have two girls 9yrs. & 2yrs.}
7:30 AM ~ Rush out the house to drop the girls off at school and then I head into the office
8:30 AM ~ Read + reply to emails
9:30 AM ~ Start working on client files {I try to work on two different client’s files per day}
12:30 PM  ~ Lunch + a brisk walk
1:30 PM ~ Try my best to update social media
2:00 PM ~ Read + reply to emails
2:50 PM ~ Pick up my 9 year old from school {about 337 steps from my desk}
3:00 PM ~ Back to more files + phone calls while my daughter does her homework
5:00 PM ~ Leave the office to pick up my 2 year old old from school
6: 00 PM ~ Dinner. Shower. Unwind.
8:00 PM ~ Bedtime for the girls and alone time for the hubby + me {or I would spend this time reading a book}
9:30 PM ~ Bedtime for me

Mon, Tues, Thurs: Office hours
Wed: Attend luncheons during the day {if not office hours}
Fri: Outreach marketing, meeting new vendors, write blog posts, then I take the rest of the day off
Sat + Sun: Event Day {if not, strictly family time with an occasional client meeting}

Life of A Wedding Planner

Life of A Wedding Planner | How did I get started in the industry?

2002 ~ I left college and started working in a car dealership in the customer care department. About 2 months after working there, the owner was meeting with the executives. Mr. Kelley, the owner of the car dealership called me in to ask me a few questions. When I thought we were finished speaking, he asked me this question, “If you can do anything in this dealership, what would you want to do and why?” In an instant, I became the PR director for the dealership. I was responsible to attract new clients by having and attending events. Boy, did I love this position!

2003 ~ I helped my best friend plan her wedding. I also planned events for the church I was attending, friends’ parties, and baby showers. I could not get enough of planning and hosting.

2011 ~ I took a leap of faith and started Events By Seven {formerly called Events By 7}. I signed up for an online wedding planning course to learn the steps to become a wedding planner. I did about 3 pro-bono events for my co-workers as I was still working a 9-5. I read every blog, wedding magazine, did a few bridal shows, and surrounded myself with like-minded wedding professionals.

2014 ~ Events By Seven had a solid pipeline and I shook hands and parted ways with corporate work. I was on a wedding planning high with a lot of clients, amazing vendor relationships, and where referrals were coming our way left and right. Then, I found out I was pregnant (with my almost 3 year old daughter). I was sick during the entire pregnancy and stayed home with Makenzie as the cost of daycare was out of our budget.

2016 ~ I decided to stop having a pity party and began to hit the pavement running to get my business running strong again! It felt like I had to start all over, because I was a ghost for about two years. I attended every event industry networking event and paid for premium advertising with two wedding publications.

2017 ~ I received two complimentary business-coaching sessions for a wedding guru who ripped apart my Instagram page. I listened and acted fast, kind of like a firefighter saving lives. Since showing off my new look on Instagram, I booked ten clients and counting. For years, I was asking, “Lord, why am I not on any preferred vendor lists!” Well, this was the year I was placed on two preferred venue lists and connected with two caterers who have been sending me steady referrals since.

I received countless SEO sessions from another mentor who is an amazing photographer. I implemented her tips and ideas and now couples are finding us on Google. I have a goal to be on page one by the second quarter.

What inspires me?

I am definitely inspired by the Planner’s Lounge, The Knot, Instagram, and Pinterest. My writing and speaking my goals inspire me to help newbies in the industry.

What are my favorite online resources for your business?


Natalie Frank

Building a Story Brand

Sage Wedding Pros

Aside from wedding and event planning, how do I spend my time?

I love shopping and spa days with my bestie. Having girl’s night in with my daughters where we watch movies, eat pizza, and sing and dance like nobody is watching. I love taking short escapes with my hubby. I love being an active member in my church. I love exercising. The most steps I did in one day was 21,427 – 9.87 miles. Last but not least, I LOVE to EAT!

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