Is a Day of Coordinator Necessary | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

Is a Day of Coordinator Necessary | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

Is a Day of Coordinator Necessary

I get it, you spent a lot on your wedding and now you’re debating the question, is a day of coordinator necessary and my answer is heck to the yeah! Please don’t rely on your friends, family or bridal party to oversee your wedding day. They want to share the special moments with you, they deserve to see your grand entrance into your ceremony,  witness you sharing your wedding vows, and the list goes on from there. Bottom line, they deserve to be a guest and have fun and so do you. Here are two reasons that will put your “is a day of coordinator necessary” question to rest.

My venue has an in-house coordinator

This is true to a certain extent. This is not always the case as the venue’s coordinator is there to oversee the setting up of the venue’s tables and chairs, maintenance issues that may arise, lighting tech and so forth. This coordinator will not oversee your entire event, welcome and greet your vendors, line up the bridal party and oversee the order, flow, and the logistics. Most venue coordinators at hotels are they to coordinate and facilitate the logistics with their banquet team to make sure your meal comes out on time and to sell you the wedding packages. The venue coordinator is not there to assist with the bustling of your wedding gown – trust me this is a tall order to fill for the person who went to the final fitting with you. The venue coordinator is not there to line up the bridal party for their grand entrance into the ballroom. They are not there to check with the photographer, DJ, you and your better half to see if you’re ready to do the cutting of your wedding cake.


I can set up my personal decor items prior to the ceremony start time

Girl, trust me when I tell you this is almost impossible. Let’s say the venue allows for you to set up the ballroom the night before, sounds great but this could mean you will be missing out on getting pretty for your rehearsal and attending your rehearsal dinner.  On the other hand a majority of the wedding venues here in Orlando, FL. only gives the couple and their vendors two to three hours prior to the ceremony start time to begin setting up. With only having two to three hours to set up prior to your wedding start time, means we are still setting up the cocktail hour during your ceremony and setting up the reception during your cocktail hour. Believe it or not, setting up personal DIY items are beast. Setting up DIY decor items are time-consuming and before you realize, you are spending ten minutes on something that seemed really easy to set up.

In closing, you spent a lot of time and money leading up to your big day, please don’t try to be a superwoman and recruit the help from people who will go A-Wall the day of your wedding. Hire a professional and reputable wedding planning company and select their day of coordination package.

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