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How To Plan a Vow Renewal

When a married couple hires us, it is because they are not sure how to plan a vow renewal. The secret to planning a vow renewal is how elaborate or simple you want this occasion to be. It can be intimate for 50 guests or on a much larger scale. A vow renewal can be to celebrate a milestone in your marriage, perhaps you’ve made it to 10, 15, 25 or 50 years, you can plan to have a big party!

Perhaps, you’ve hit a rough patch in your marriage and you want to reaffirm your love for each other.  Another reason can be that you never had a wedding and always dreamt of having a wedding but had to settle for doing it at a justice of the peace the first time around. So here we will share how to plan a vow renewal no matter what your reason is.

How To Plan a Vow Renewal How To Plan a Vow Renewal How To Plan a Vow Renewal How To Plan a Vow Renewal How To Plan a Vow Renewal How To Plan a Vow Renewal

Who will officiate the renewal?

Since you have already done the legal marriage you can ask a clergy member to officiate, but you can also ask a friend or a family member to lead the ceremony. For a simple vow renewal, you don‘t necessarily need an officiant at all as you can write and read your own vows to each other.

Can I wear a wedding dress?

Heck yeah!! Let’s be real, if you want to wear a white wedding dress for your renewal, you have my blessings. I do encourage you to purchase a dress that will compliment your venue. If your venue is on the sand at the beach, a Cinderella ballroom gown may not be the best choice. But if your vow renewal is going to be at the Ritz Carlton, then a ballroom gown will be perfect.

What time of day should I have my renewal?

Great question, it can be whenever you want it to be. If you’re a breakfast loving couple who eats breakfast for dinner, then you should consider having a brunch vow renewal. If you want to dance the night away, then an evening vow renewal will be perfect for you. The time of day you plan to have your vow renewal will dictate your menu.

Can I have a bridal party?

Most definitely, by know you should see a pattern – it’s your special day, you can be the artist and paint your own picture. One of the vow renewals we planned had a bridal party with four bridesmaids and one matron of honor and the same amount as the groom’s side. Three of the bridesmaids, were the couple’s daughters and the other was their niece, the matron was her best friend who was by her side from day one.


Can I have a wedding cake?

Yes, you can have a three-tiered cake with a cake topper if that’s your jam. You don’t have to get a cake if you don’t want to. Another couple did not care for cake, but desserts were their jam so they had a plethora of desserts for their guests to feast on. Another couple who had a vow renewal never had a wedding cake as they had a courthouse wedding, so they opted to have an elegant wedding cake.


Venue: Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes | Orlando, FL
Monogram/Lighting/DJ: CRB Entertainment | Orlando, FL.
Drapes: Swag Decor
Steel Drummers: Rythm Trail

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