How Much Are Day of Coordinators | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

How Much Are Day of Coordinators | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

How Much Are Day of Coordinators

We hear this question a lot, how much are Day of Coordinators. Day of coordination can be more stressful than actually planning the entire wedding because we are coming in at the tail end of things and trying to make sense of someone else’s plans. Most day of coordination package means the planner needs to be hands on the month before so they are not in the dark with everything come the wedding day.  It’s easier to compare a wedding planner’s day of coordination package when you have an idea of what you are wanting them to do. If you are going to have a good amount of DIY decor, you might want someone who will pack up any items you bring in at the end of the night.

                                                                    How Much Are Day of Coordinators

How much are Day of Coordinators in Orlando/Central Florida?

If you’re looking to hire a well established and experienced wedding planner, the package price for Day of Coordination would typically be $1,200-$2,800. Don’t get me wrong there are a few wedding planning companies that offer their day of coordination service for dirt cheap which can be risky.

What is associated with the fee?

Typically these high-end luxury planners will always have an event day assistant which is a must in our eyes. With our planning company, we always arrive with an event day assistant. This is essential as there are a lot of moving pieces that a planner has to oversee on a wedding day, from overseeing the vendors setting up, the placement of your personal decor items and overseeing the bridal party in addition to a slew of other logistics. T

here’s is a lot of work that has to be done on the back end for us to get up to speed with the details, design, decor vendors, and logistics. When it comes to the day of coordination, we cannot just show up and wave a magic wand for your many months of planning to unfold. Your wedding day is a lot like a lawyer going to trial. In order for us to properly represent you, we have to ask a lot of questions, attend a few final meetings, study the details print a ton of papers to create your wedding day file, contact your vendors to confirm their arrival and set-up time. On average a day of coordinator will spend up to 45 hours from start to finish.


What are some additional fees that can be added to a day of coordination package?

Most wedding planners will charge an additional fee for two locations, this means if your ceremony and reception are going to take place at two separate locations you can expect to pay a fee starting at $150 for each additional location. Weddings with a larger number of guests will also receive an additional fee, this fee typically starts at $200 for guests counts larger than 175.

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