Hiring A Wedding Planner | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

Hiring A Wedding Planner | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

Hiring A Wedding Planner

Hiring a Wedding Planner is a waste of your f’ing wedding budget… You probably also believe that you can plan your entire wedding while working your full-time job or in-between writing your ten-page thesis paper for grad school. You also have it all planned out that you & your bridal party will set up the decor the night before or the morning of. Well, my friend, this ain’t going to happen.  Don’t believe me, well tune into the series on Netflix called Cheap Weddings, I encourage you to watch it!! You will change your mind about not hiring a wedding planner faster than I can run to Chipotle for a buy-one-get-one-free burrito.

Hiring a wedding planner should be the first thing on your list if you want to enjoy your wedding day. I totally have your back as I decided to help by educating you on how important planners are to the wedding planning process.


What is the difference between Wedding Planners and Events Stylist?

Traditionally, a wedding planner only focuses on the budget, venue selection, suggesting Creatives- the vendors to the couple, the logistics, the flow and the solutions to make sure everything goes as planned on the wedding day.

A stylist should be able to take a drab space and make it something RAD + FAB + DOPE. A stylist should be able to creatively stage the clients’ décor items at the wedding and possibly repurpose the item from the ceremony to the reception. We believe that styling will set your wedding apart from the rest; it’s almost like pairing a super cute clutch with jeans and a blazer or accessorizing your simple black dress.


Our advice to a couple that has a venue that says they do not need a planner because they provide an event manager? 

That’s awesome, but based on our experience, the event manager is there to make sure nothing goes wrong on their end with the venue, i.e. the lights, plumbing, if they provide tables and chairs and so forth. Their primary focus is the venue & their staff. Reason number seven why hiring a wedding planner should be a must.


What is the difference between a planner and a venue coordinator? 

Oh, we have heard this line more times than you can imagine… “My venue comes with a coordinator.”  Trust me as I say this, the venue coordinator is there for the venue. A Wedding Planner is there for the bride & her guests on the wedding day. The planner will also execute the couple’s vision on their big day as the venue coordinator will not.

A Venue Coordinator typically will not do any of the following:

Will not attend any meetings with other Creatives {vendors}

Lines up the bridal party

Set up space with your personal décor items

Heavens forbid the ceremony is off-site, they will not be there to assist with organizing and facilitating the ceremony

Pin boutonnieres & corsages

Make a quick run if the couple needs something

Does not supervise the set-up by the other Creatives

Answer questions that the Creatives will probably have

Distribute the personal flowers {bouquets, boutonnieres and the corsages}

Queues the DJ, Photographer, Videographer & Caterer

Queues the bridal party for the processional

Plan, coordinate and facilitate the wedding rehearsal

Make sure the planned events during that day happens {from the first look to a to-go box being placed inside our client’s get-a-way vehicle}

Keep the wedding moving with the ability to determine if we need to speed up or slow down to stay on schedule


 Why is it important for couples to hire a planner?

A wedding is a full production that requires timing and precision, passion, and flawless execution in a smooth & seamless way. Hiring a Wedding Planner will allow you to breathe, relax and to be a guest at your own event. Just imagine, you will be able to have FUN  + dance the night away with those you love.

What is the investment to hire a Wedding Planner from Events By Seven?

Simply Coordinate – This is perfect for the couple who has done it all, from booking your vendors,  completed your final vendor meetings & confirmed your floor plan. We will take it from here to coordinate, facilitate, and manage your rehearsal + wedding day so you can breathe, relax and have fun | $1,573

The Entire Journey – Stressed out? Destination bride? Busy bride or groom? We will help you remove the stress from planning by conceptualizing your vision, finding the decor, creating your budget, securing the hotel room blocks, attending client meetings + much more | $3,773

The Luxe – Our Luxe package is for the busy couple with an eye for detail and exquisite taste. Offering a personalized level of attention and signature services. We will plan, style & coordinate an additional wedding weekend festivity such as your rehearsal dinner, spa retreat, welcome reception, or the post-wedding brunch.  Accompany you to dress fittings, assemble and mail invitations, assign you + your party with a lady in waiting on your wedding day, plus everything and more from our Entire Journey Package. | $7,773

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