Hiring A Wedding DJ

Hiring A Wedding DJ

Hiring A Wedding DJ

Hey girl hey! Major congrats on your engagement. If you’re “that girl” that dreams of dancing the night away with your soon to be hubby + other loved ones then you’re reading the right blog. Grab a latte or your favorite bottle of wine and take notes on hiring a wedding DJ….

When hiring a wedding DJ there’s a lot you should be on the look out for, such as can they keep more than 60% of your guests on the dance floor at the same time? Are they outgoing but professional? Do they plan on taking breaks, if so how many? Are they flexible? Hiring a wedding DJ can be a little nerve wrecking, so ask for referrals from other friends or colleagues who recently tied the knot, please make sure your sense of style is similar to their’s.

Before Hiring A Wedding DJ

  1. Read their reviews + visit their social media pages.
  2. Confirm that they will be available to schedule a final meeting with you to discuss the details and logistics, this can certainly be done via telephone. 
  3. Confirm that they will accept your song selections for the key moments, {i.e. processional song, recessional song, reception entrance, first dance, cake cutting bouquet/garter toss, and the parent dances.}  Please don’t stifle their artistic freedom with a minute by minute play lists that runs on into ten pages… Please don’t do it , or just get an iPod and a portable speaker. An amazing DJ only needs genres + a few songs that you must hear or never want to hear.
  4. Please don’t haggle with them on their rate, because they are a vital organ in your wedding, kind of like the pulse, heart and eye balls. We find that haggling discourages the professional and then they may give you watered down service, you know half-ass service.
  5. Find out what they are going to wear to your wedding & feel free to suggest what you would like them to wear, but don’t go crazy and ask them to wear a Gucci suit {lol.}
  6. Check out pictures of their equipment and set-up from other weddings.
  7. What’s included in the rate {i.e. microphones, up lighting, photo booth….}
  8. Do they have insurance, most venues requires your vendors to have liability insurance of $1million 

 Meet Joe an amazing DJ with Elegant Entertainment:


Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas Hiring a Wedding DJ
Who We Are

We at Elegant Entertainment have a diverse staff of experienced DJ’s with 9 DJ’s to choose from and a minimum of 10 years of experience. Our DJ’s are able to EMCEE your event as well as play and mix music at the same time. We also have the option to include an additional DJ if you need that second person for your wedding or event. Our company has an experienced staff & we provide excellent services at a reasonable price. We go above and beyond for our clients and treat them like we would treat our own family.

 Shake Your Grove Thing

Our specialty is getting guests on the dance floor we get out and dance with the guests as well as interact to make a more memorable evening. We also give you a choice of how interactive you would like your DJ and try not to be the center of attention unless that is requested.

Custom Playlists

We love when our clients give us a strict playlist as we feel it’s your event and why only play what the DJ wants. It’s your day so we customize your event to your event needs. We can give suggestions and work with you to make your evening perfect!

Their Accessibility

We are available 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm unless we have an event on that day and always return your email or phone call within 24 hours. We are always available for any planning needs and will meet with you in person as many times as you would like to go over your event details. It makes a bride feel good to know she can always reach her DJ and takes the added stress off of planning for your music requests.

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