Four Reasons to Have a First Look | Luxury Wedding Planner Orlando

Four Reasons to Have a First Look | Luxury Wedding Planner Orlando

Four Reasons to Have a First Look

While there are a million reasons why I believe a first look should be mandatory, I will spare you the long spiel and give you the condensed version with seven reasons to have a first look. No two weddings are identical as no two couples are identical. However, we believe all weddings have one thing in common -time! Your wedding day will fly by faster than a state trooper doing a high-speed chase doing 120 mph on the Florida Turnpike. Basically, I just shared reason, number one, but be our guest to catch the three additional reasons.

Seven Reasons to Have a First Look



You have probably heard the cliche or the pop-country song “where has the time gone” this is so true especially on one of the best days of your lives. Doing a first look will allow you to get 50% of your wedding pictures done before walking down the aisle. With a creative cameraman or woman – yeah a photographer, you will be able to capture all of most of all your bridal shots with you, your man, your bridal party, and parents.


At the Altar

You can kiss the prewedding jitters goodbye! After seeing each other prior to seeing each other at the altar, you will not feel nervous at all. Most of all our couples say doing the first look did not take away from the second feeling. They said the first look actually made coming down the aisle much better as it knocked the edge off.


An Intimate Moment

You will both be able to enjoy what I call some pre-wedding downtime. You will have the opportunity to really absorb each other’s attire, smile & final words as an engaged couple.

You Can Mingle More

Most couples who raise their hands to do the first look will have the opportunity to enjoy their cocktail hour with all of their guests. You will be able to sip on your signature drinks, enjoy the butler passed appetizers, & greet your guests to thank them for coming. Your family and bridal party will be able to enjoy this hour as well.


Photographer: dW Digital Photographers


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