Feet Washing Ceremony | Orlando Wedding Planners

Feet Washing Ceremony | Orlando Wedding Planners

Feet Washing Ceremony

Feet washing ceremony is perfect for every bride and groom. It’s perfect for the couple that wants to incorporate the ministry of Jesus in their wedding to the couple who desires to be different. Feet washing ceremony is not a new trend, Jesus did this when he was here on earth. He did this with his disciples as a symbol of his devotion to humble himself as a leader and serve his followers. This is a symbol of your devotion to humble yourself and to serve each other with love.

What items do I need for a feet-washing ceremony?

  1. Pitcher & basin.
  2. Two oversized hand towels
  3. Water to fill the pitcher
  4. Letters with your promises, you can opt to read this out loud or in private.
  5. A chair

How Is this Showing Service to My Spouse?

Feet washing ceremony is more than just an outward symbol, it is a commitment to each other that you will remember to always serve each other. Serving spouse means putting the interests of your spouse above your own. A feet washing ceremony also means that you will always willing to help your spouse out when they cannot complete a task by themselves. Research proves that when we help others our bodies release a hormone called oxytocin, which buffers stress and helps us maintain social trust and tranquility.

Seven ways to physically serve your husband.

  1. Say, “I love you,” more often.
  2. Clean and organize his desk or office.
  3. Cook him breakfast in the morning.
  4. Give him a back rub.
  5. Initiate sex.
  6. Be quick to forgive.
  7. Ask him for his prayer requests

Seven ways to physically serve your wife.

  1. Surprise by cleaning the house or doing the laundry
  2. Clean and or detail her car
  3. Rub her feet after a long day
  4. Sincerely ask and listen about her day
  5. Find out and use her love language
  6. Compliment her
  7. Pray for her

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