Farm tables for a wedding | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

Farm tables for a wedding | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

Farm tables for a wedding

Farm tables for a wedding are perfect for the couple who hates wrinkled tablecloths or just tablecloths in general. Farm tables for a wedding are perfect for rustic, bohemian or shabby chic wedding.

Reasons to rent farm tables?

I know you are sold on reasons to rent a farm table, but the love of your life is not. Lucky you as I created a list of reasons why you need farm tables in your life. I promise that I will not let him know these ideas came from our team. So here are a few reasons to convince him on why you need to have farm tables for your wedding.

  •  If you’re planning to have a wedding outdoors farm tables will be great as you will not need to rent tablecloths. Tablecloths and wind just don’t get along.
  • Farm tables are obvious on the style wedding you’re looking to have. They are perfect for the country loving farm girl {or guy} They are also perfect for the bohemian chic type of gal that loves earthy and ornate pieces.
  • Farm tables for a wedding can be an inexpensive way to dress up your tables. If you do not want to worry about trying to rent fancy tablecloths and generic tables, then this is obviously for you. Here in Orlando, FL. we can get farm tables for $150 each from a reputable company. Fancy tablecloths typically cost $100 + the cost of the tables which usually costs $20 per table. Now you will be paying for separate delivery fees to the furniture rental company and the linen company, plus an installation fee to place the tablecloths on each table.
  • Farm tables are very sturdy and strong versus the standard banquet tables. If the banquet tables are not opened up correctly, they can possibly collapse on your guests – oh hell to the nah!

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