How expensive are tent weddings | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

How expensive are tent weddings | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

How expensive are tent weddings

How expensive are tent weddings? Well, my dear, they are far from inexpensive, they are more like an expensive order. We love everything about tent weddings as there are no boundaries to expressing your style. Getting married at your home can be because of sentimental reasons or for privacy reasons, but doing so will not be cheap.

How much is a tent?

Being a wedding planner here in Orlando, FL. a decent tent for about 100 guests will cost more than $1,500 from a reputable company. I know you’re thinking, girl, that is dirt cheap and you’re right. Now that you have a tent, what if rain is in the forecast, you will need sidings, now that you have sidings you will need a cooling system, yes air conditioner for the tent.

Besides the tent, what else will I need?

Besides the tent, you will need to consider the following:

  • Sidings if the chance for rain is high. Sidings will keep your guests dry, but it can lead to mild suffocation as it will be hot, steamy and humid under the tent.
  • Air conditioner if you’re getting sidings. Can you imagine you and your guests looking like you never visited the hair salon? Depending on the size tent, you will need a second air conditioner unit.
  • Possibly a second tent for your caterer to work under.
  • Let’s say that the temperature is dropping below 60 degrees for your winter wonderland wedding theme, this means that you will need portable heaters. Portable heaters in Orlando, FL. usually costs $150 per heater plus delivery/set up fees. For a guest count of 100, you will need at least 10 heaters.
  • Flooring for the tent. We highly recommend that you have a dance floor as your guests will not appreciate having to dance on grass and/or dirt. If you really want to get fancy and have flooring for under the entire tent, this is almost expensive as a Toyota Carolla! Like seriously, no joke as we went down this road back in March.
  • Generators in case there’s not enough power for your DJ, lighting, the photo booth, and caterers.
  • Restrooms! Have you seen the revolutionized portable restrooms, or shall I say luxury portable throne rooms? Your guest will not have to pinch their noses at these new beauties as they look better than most throne rooms.
  • The lighting will be a must if your wedding is going to continue past sunset.
  • Tent drapes are very important if you want to make the inside of the tent luxurious or better than basic.

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