Do groomsmen tuxedos have to match | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

Do groomsmen tuxedos have to match | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

Do groomsmen tuxedos have to match

If you are asking yourself the question, do groomsmen tuxedos have to match, the answer is absolutely not! Remember, this is your wedding, you set the rules! Matching groomsmen tuxedos dates back to before you were even a thought, it was done to ward off evil spirits against the groom. In today’s world, the power of prayer can do a better job. When it comes to tuxedos the key is a perfect fit. In some cases, our couples prefer to have all the groomsmen wear matching tuxedos, so the groom can stand out at the altar, to the vendors, possibly some of the guests who had not have had the pleasure of meeting him prior to the wedding day and in the wedding pictures.

What options do groomsmen have for tuxedos?

This all depends on the style of wedding you are planning to have. If you are planning to tie the knot and say your ‘i dos’ on the beach, then your groomsmen can sport an easy look. Let’s say that you’re planning to get married inside a swanky country club, then chances are a traditional tuxedo will have to be the required attire for your groomsmen.

How can they mix and match without looking tacky?

This, my friend, comes from their level of confidence.

  • One way to accomplish this mix match look is to switch up the color of their coats to match the bridesmaids’ dress. Let us say that your bridesmaid Kelly is going to wear a sage green chiffon dress, then your groomsmen Ken can wear a hunter green sports coat. Another example is if bridesmaid Jane is going to wear a rose color dress, then your groomsman Roy can wear a dark purple sports coat. This can look amazing if your wedding party has less than 4 attendants on each side.
  • If you’re not that bold but you want to be on the edgy side, then mix match socks & ties can be an option for your groomsmen.
  • Make sure the groomsmen tuxedos compliment the style tuxedo the groom will be wearing. You don’t want your groomsmen to have denim on with a sports coat while the groom is wearing a custom black tuxedo, that right there will be a negative ghostwriter!!

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