Destination Wedding in Orlando, FL | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

Destination Wedding in Orlando, FL | Luxury Wedding Planners Orlando

Destination Wedding in Orlando, FL

When it comes to having a destination wedding in Orlando, FL. we want to share the details on where to dine, sleep and party. Destination weddings require a little more consideration as opposed to a local couple getting married in their hometown. Your guests deserve to be informed and you deserve to have a fun wedding weekend. You probably discovered the countless options when it comes to your venue, caterer, florist, cake designer and other vendors, but you’re stuck with figuring out the other components to make this the best destination wedding in Orlando, FL. ever. Once you’ve decided on your itinerary for the weekend, don’t forget to book your transportation.

What is the nightlife like?

Downtown Orlando, FL If you’re looking to partying it up until the crack of dawn, then downtown Orlando, FL. is the place to be. There are spots like Wall Street Plaza – right in the heart of Downtown – still offers a more ‘local’ experience compared to other nightlife areas in Orlando. This entertainment complex promises a fun mix of laidback restaurants, lively bars, and all-out nightclubs, with seven venues in total.

Downtown Orlando also offers a wide range of speakeasy bars, they’re a new growing trend. A speakeasy refers to a hidden, secret, often password-protected bar that used to be around during the prohibition era in the early 1920s. Some of our favorites are Hanson Shoe Repair, Mather’s and Park Social.

Walt Disney World House of Blue’s (HOB) is another great option if you’re staying in the Walt Disney World area. The huge venue a divided up into several zones, including a dining room, laidback bar area, and the main concert hall. The Hou

Universal City Walk has a range of nightlife options from hip-hop,  Bob Marley for the reggae lovers, to Latin music. There’s also a karaoke spot that’s seriously legit with a live band, a stage and back up singers/dancers.


What are the restaurants like?

Winter Park & Sand Lake offers a lap of luxury when it comes to the dining experience from Ruth’s Chris, Flemmings, Bulla Gastro Bar, Luma, Bravo, DragonFly and more.

Mills District is perfect if you’re looking for a hole in the wall meet authentic dining experience. From crawfish to Cuban, this small slice of Orlando is home to dozens of unique restaurantsThis is so hard to have a favorite, but here’s two of them, Hawkers & Pig Floyds.

Pointe Orlando offers more fun, funky, and hip restaurants. Expect longer wait times as this area is where all the tourist’s flocks to. This area has more than restaurants, there’s nightlife, family-focused activities and places to rest your head.

What are the accommodations like?

If you’re looking for a luxury five-star hotels, our votes go to Four Seasons, The Alfond Inn, andThe Waldorf Astoria. If you are looking for a hip or trendy hotel in the heart of Downtown Orlando, then the winners are the Grand Bohemian and the ALoft. If you are bringing a whole tribe, clan or squad we highly recommend renting a vacation home in Reunion.


What is the year-round weather like?

Feb-May is perfect months for a lot of outdoor festivities with a light sweater.

June – August you should pack your umbrellas and ponchos. Keep in mind that hurricane runs from June to November.

September – November is cool for Floridians but warm for the up north folks.

December – January are the two months when us Floridians tend to get more dramatic. Yes, it’s true, we break out our scarves, gloves, ear muffs for 50-60 degrees temperature.

Reserving transportation with Orlando Party Bus Company

Orlando Party Bus Company will make your reservation process simple. Click here for a quote; pinky promise, this will be the best way to ensure your bridal squad or guests will have the best night ever. The space provided in party buses is unmatched by services like Uber and Lyft and comes with a comparable price tag when you think about splitting the cost among everybody who will be attending. Oh my, I forgot to mention that you will get to stand up &  socialize while you enjoy your party! With the expertise of a chauffeur behind the wheel, you’ll know that you’re in good hands with your destination wedding in Orlando, FL.


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