Creating a wedding day timeline

Estate On The Halifax

Estate On The Halifax | Port Orange Wedding | Stephani + Sam

Estate On The Halifax | Port Orange Wedding | Stephani + Sam

Estate On The Halifax | Port Orange Wedding | Stephani + Sam

Estate On The Halifax | Port Orange Wedding

Estate On The Halifax | Port Orange Wedding


Creating a wedding day timeline

Hi guys, it’s Marsha here :). First off, let’s start with me stating the obvious; creating a wedding day timeline may seem like the hardest thing to accomplish, but it really does not have to be complicated, let alone hard. Now, that I’ve addressed the elephant in the room,  go ahead, take a minute {or two} to grab your favorite glass of wine or iced frappe and allow me teach you the know-how on creating a wedding day timeline. Essentially, your goal is to nail down the key pieces from months or maybe years of planning your dream wedding.

Tip #1

Begin creating your wedding day timeline with key components & the obvious, such as the start time for your ceremony, cocktail hour, receptions and the end time for your reception.

Tip #2

Review the contracts from your vendors to see how many hours your hired each vendor for, then begin entering their arrival times and departure times – also known as strike.

Tip #3

Now let’s consider the arrival time of your make-up artists and hairstylist. How many ladies will be receiving their services? Most stylist needs 45 mins to one hour for each lady and one to two hours for the bride; this is for each service. Yes, that’s correct! Then consider what time your ceremony starts, then work this schedule backwards. What do I mean by this?! If you have 4 bridesmaids + yourself and your ceremony is scheduled to begin at 4PM, then you will need for everyone to be fully dressed and ready for 2:30PM so you can head to the ceremony location and take bridal portraits with your ladies. So if each person needs one hour then it will look like this for the most part. Lord, knows paying attention in Algebra class was so important;)

8:30 AM | Rise and Shine. Time for breakfast!
9:00AM – 10AM | Lady #1 for hair + lady #4 for make-up
10AM -11AM | next set of ladies for hair + make-up
11AM-12PM | next set of ladies for hair + make-up
12PM- 1PM | next set of ladies for hair + make-up
1PM-2:30PM | The Bride
2:30PM-3:30PM – First Look + Bridal Party Photos
4PM – Ceremony Begins


Contact your venue to see the earliest your vendors can begin setting up & the time they have to be out of the building. Once you have this you will need to schedule the deliveries accordingly. What do I mean by this?! For example: You would not want to schedule the florist until the linen company has arrived with all the tablecloths.

Tip #5

Decide in advance who will be able to give a toasts – if you’re not careful you will have a lot of guests taking it back to the first time they met you or your better half which can go on all night long. Typically, toasts are given by the parent{s} of the bride, best man & maid/matron of honor and it can last anywhere from 3-7 mins per person.

Tip #6

Select the festivities you would like to partake in { parent dances, marriage appreciation dance, shoe game, bouquet and garter toss, you get the drift}. Each event can take unto 3-5 mins, so spend your time wisely.

Tip #7

The final tip for creating a wedding day timeline is you grand exit. Plan wisely, giving yourself room for your guests to saying their good-byes, grab their belongings, and for your wedding planner or coordinator to distribute the items you’ve prepared for your grand exit. So if you’ve contracted your vendors until 10PM, them you will want your DJ to play the last song at 9:45PM, so your guests can make their way out of the ballroom for 9:50PM and lined up and ready for you at 9:56PM.

I sure hope our seven tips will help you with creating a wedding day timeline! If not, let’s schedule a time to chat {call or text me at 407.505.5775}. Thank you so much for reading our blog on creating a wedding day timeline

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Photography By: Sivan Photography

The Venue: Estate on the Halifax

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