Butler Passed versus Displayed Appetizers

Butler Passed versus Displayed Appetizers

Butler Passed versus Displayed Appetizers

Butler passed versus displayed appetizers definitely has its pros and cons, we may even agree to disagree. I am sharing our take based on our experience. Here are four reasons why we believe butler passed appetizers are better than displaying them.

Butler Passed versus Displayed Appetizers | Four Reasons

The Weather:

If your wedding is going to be an outdoor wedding, your appetizers will be exposed to different elements that nature has to offer with them being displayed. If it is going to be a cold day and you decided to display hot appetizers during your cocktail hour, chances are those appetizers are going to get cold. The same applies to if it’s going to be a hot day and you plan on serving cold appetizers.

The Bugs + Insects

Displaying your appetizers during your outdoor wedding means that you will be up against the bugs. Yes girl yes, the BUGS!! Just imagine your mac & cheese bites are covered with love bugs and or ants. Or your shrimp and grits in the mini martini glass have flies {not one or two but a lot,} what would you do?

That Greedy Cousin

Don’t forget about that greedy cousin that always creates a mountain on his plate with his food. Most couples opt for 3 pieces of appetizers per guest, now that cousin comes by and takes 12 pieces to later return for another 6. This means that six of your guests will be without an appetizer.

More Money

Butler passed versus displayed appetizers can mean spending more money to have them displayed.  In reality, you will have to get more than just appetizers. You will have to rent a couple of tables, multiple tablecloths, serving trays, serving utensils. You will also have to hire a few people to replenish the appetizers. Oh boy, let’s not forget that greedy cousin; yep you will have to purchase more appetizers to avoid the risk of some of your guests not having an appetizer.


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