” Ready to give your bridesmaid/groomsman the boot?!”


Which is more important; being unhappy on your wedding day or having one less person in your bridal party? Well, if you ask me, {it’s your day}, you deserve to be happy. I do not run into this situation a lot, but I can only imagine, you did which is why you’re reading this blog.  Well here is what we have shared with our past clients in regards to this situation:

#3… Have a hear-to-heart talk with that person. Take them out to lunch and start with some laughs and then ask the person what are their feelings in regards to still being in your wedding. Never assume why they are carrying on in such a manner.

#2…Have your Maid/Matron of Honor or Best Man speak with that person. Maybe they can help smooth things over!

#1…After exhausting all of your options & you’ve prayed about it, simply remove them from your bridal party. If that person cannot pull up their big girl  or big boy undies, simply give them the boot! A real friend will want to make your life stress free and happy on your special day, not give you a list of demands or a hard time about everything from the bridal shower, bachelor{ette} party, their attire, and so forth.


Posted on October 3rd, by Marsha Campbell in Dress, Planning, Wedding Party.
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