Venue Selection…

Venue Selection


Heaven Event Center


Hilton Grand Vacations Club

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Maitland Arts Center

the venue

The Sandbar- Anna Maria Island

If you ask us gals at Events by 7, hunting for the perfect venue is one of our favorite things to do in … Read the rest

Will you be my bridesmaid?

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

will you be my bm 2

*Courtesy of Pinterest

will you be my bm

*Courtesy of Pinterest

Whelp, if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably stumped for a creative way to ask your bff to be a bridesmaid. I’m glad you’re here, heck I’m excited to … Read the rest

Your Engagement Party…

Your Engagement Party

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I am known for saying “corny” things like “what comes before Part-B??? Part-A…Hey!” Get it?! The answer is party! Sooo what comes after you said yes…an engagement party! {boy I sure hope I didn’t loose you … Read the rest

You’re Engaged…Congratulations!!!


Errol Colon Photographers captured their engagement!


Errol Colon Photographers captured their engagement!


Errol Colon Photographers captured their engagement!

We're so looking forward to Jessica & Leo's wedding this February at Paradise Cove in Orlando, FL.

Errol Colon Photographers captured their engagement!


Engagement season has arrived! You’re excited, he’s relieved {that you said yes}, … Read the rest

Tired of wedding traditions?! I triple dare you to break them!

 398435_149604855151635_373033685_n Schwulst-153 Schwulst-169 Schwulst-1323Bouquet of Brooches or Shells Traditionally, brides would carry a bouquet of fresh flowers, but not our brides {some of them}. Our brides took the word “flowers” out of “bouquet of fresh flowers” and replaced it with anything from brooches … Read the rest

Small Budget?! Want to bring your venue from Blah to Beautiful?!



As a wedding and event planner, I receive this question a lot, “I want to book an inexpensive venue, but what can I do with a small budget to change the look and feel of it?”

Here’s our suggestions:Read the rest

” Ready to give your bridesmaid/groomsman the boot?!”


Which is more important; being unhappy on your wedding day or having one less person in your bridal party? Well, if you ask me, {it’s your day}, you deserve to be happy. I do not run into this situation a … Read the rest

To “DIY” For! {DIY-do it yourself}

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Let’s face it, not every bride desires to spend countless hours, days, or months on creating a unique look for their “Big Day” on DIY items, but with our techniques, we can help you bring the fun back into what … Read the rest

Menu Tasting

Menu Tasting

Menu Tasting

Menu Tasting is one of the most important key to hiring your caterer or booking your venue. One of our couples, Tekesha and John had two items on their {we are not compromising} list, the food and cake. … Read the rest

Saying “No” to the Dress!

Saying “No” to the Dress!

Congrats on your engagement! I bet you’re ready to  say “I do” so you can spend the rest of your life with your soul mate, your better half, your main squeeze, your pumpkin {you get the drift}! Your mind is … Read the rest

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