The Problems with an Increasing Guest List…

The problems with an increasing guest list during the planning process can and will lead to planning anxiety and bridezilla or groomzilla moments. We get it, it’s your special day and you want to celebrate with everyone you love.

When … Read the rest

Don’t Be a DIY Florist on Your Wedding Day… Do Not Make Your Own Floral Arrangements

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Don’t Be a DIY Florist on Your Wedding Day… Don’t Make Your Own Arrangements 

So you’ve been reading a lot of blogs on how to save money on your Read the rest

Splurge or Save?!


Dessert Bar

Dessert Bar

Dessert Bar

Dessert Bar

Are you listening… Are you sure?! I highly recommend that you pick your priorities prior to hiring your wedding creatives. Most of us are guilty of falling into the trap of wanting it all. Start … Read the rest

Seven Unexpected Wedding Costs | #TheUnknown


Catering Wedding Food

Wedding Cake & Cupcakes King's Table at Weddings

















So the time has come to whip out your credit card to take care of your final balances with the “Creatives” you hired … Read the rest

Selecting The Right Venue

Selecting The Right Venue

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding – now the time has come with selecting the right venue! I bet you’re having a hard time with selecting the right venue? We get excited every time a couple gets … Read the rest

Stressed Out From Wedding Planning?!

Stressed Out From Wedding Planning?!


#WeddingPlanningBurnOutburnout 3 Wedding-Planning-Burnout 1


Hey girl hey, rumor has it that you’re stressed out from wedding planning as the pressure is on. The stress from the wedding planning is probably stemming from your opinionated friends & family, … Read the rest

Wedding Signs

Joanna's Wedding

Wedding Signs everywhere these days! We  {Our team at Events by Seven, Inc.} are completely fascinated by it and want to share a well kept secret {This can so be a DIY Project}… The only requirement is you have to … Read the rest

How to tell your guests they don’t get a “plus one…”


Found on Zazzle!

Found on Zazzle!


I don’t know which is worse, an uninvited guest at your wedding or a RSVP card showing plus two {or more} when you only invited “just one?!” I bet your question is, “how do I … Read the rest

Photographers be like…

Move guests, get out the way…get out the way guests, get out the way! {Yeah, I totally stole that from the rapper Ludacris}. This statement couldn’t be any more closer to the truth.

Considering you coughed up a pretty penny, … Read the rest

{Cool} Tips for Having a Summer Wedding…

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Let me guess, you’re glued to the idea of having a summer wedding, but you don’t want your guests to be glued to their seats because they’ve melted from the sweltering heat {mild exaggeration}??? Allow me to share some cool … Read the rest