{ Behind the 7 }

Why the company is named eb7_logo_sm-08?

We get this question a lot… There are 7 days in a week, 7 notes on a musical scale, & 7 directions {Left, right, up, down, forward, backward, & center}. The number 7 also represents completion. Let’s take into consideration that the earth was formed in six days & God rested on the 7th day. Long story short, we want you to rest and relax from day one of the planning, all the way to your “Big Day,” while we complete the details.

Behind every event, there’s completion … eb7_logo_sm-08

Our goal is to make each event, Chic, Complete, & Unique…

Photos by Errol Colon | Orlando Wedding Photographer.



M {Married to her best friend, soul-mate and the father of their  two “sassy” little girls.}

A {Always looking for any reason to shop and to take a mini vacation.}

R {Realized about two years ago, that she is obsessed with pop country music.}

S {Spends a lot of time in prayer and devotion, “without Him, living would be impossible.”}

H {Huge on giving hugs, don’t worry, she is not creepy.}

A {Always has a genuine smile on her face.}





A {Analyzes the details for each event to make ensure things are done according to plan.}

L {Loves spending time with her boyfriend and her girlfriends.}

Y {Yes, she’s obsessed with traveling!}

S {Sipping on a latte, iced coffee {from Starbucks that is} & Coca-Cola is definitely her thing.}

S {Spends “seven” hours a day dreaming of what her wedding will be like.}

A {and, definitely a foodie. {She can tell you about anything from cupcakes to crabcakes}!}





C {Complete coffee & Pinterest addict {yes that girl}.}

H {Has an indefinite need to travel the world.}

R {Recently loving trivia and challenging herself everyday to learn and try new things.}

I {Instagram is her favorite social media :) @_christinamaria18}

S {Sitcom guru, loves her King of Queens & Everybody Loves Raymond {along with many others}.}

T {Tries to find humor in every day and always look on the bright side.}

I {In love with cats {~pretty much all animals, including her adorable lab of course}.}

N {Needs boyfriend, family, and friends to survive. They are everything.}

A {Always dedicated, loyal, loving, and hardworking {these are her key to happiness.}.}




J {Jumps for joy every time the barista calls her name {oh yeah, serious coffee lover of Starbucks}!}

E {Embraces every event as if it was her own.}

N {Notices every little detail at any given moment.}

N {Never caught with out mascara + accessories {oh yeah, and her iPhone}.}

A {Addicted to traveling and seeing the world {bucket list from Central Florida to Ireland}.}






L {Loves shopping, you can always catch him in something eye catching from Zara…}

L {Loves trying new things, he’s a bit of a risk taker!}

O {Ordinary is something he will never be.}

Y {Your go to event planner, because of his passion to make your dream event happen.}

D {Doing something over and over again until it comes out perfect {yeah, it’s called OCD}}






A {Ambitious. Dedicated. Self-motivated}

S {Shows love & passion to everything she sets out to do}

{Has a mild obsession for every kind of sweet junk food}

L {Literally, she can spend ALL of her free time watching Netflix & Hulu}

E {Enjoys planning amazing, memorable & FUN events}

Y {Your go to girl for getting things done right}