{ Behind the Seven }

Why the company is named Event By Seven?

We get this question a lot… There are 7 days in a week, 7 notes on a musical scale, & 7 directions {Left, right, up, down, forward, backward, & center}. The number 7 also represents completion. Let’s take into consideration that the earth was formed in six days & God rested on the 7th day. Long story short, we want you to rest + relax from day one of the planning, all the way to your “Big Day,” while we complete the details.

Behind every event, there’s completion, as our team has two amazing  Luxury Wedding Planners + Event Designers along with a slew of Event Day Assistants …

About Us…

Events by Seven is your destination for luxury weddings + events. We cater to the fashionable girl with an eye for intricate details and posh design. We are Orlando’s Luxury Wedding & Event Planners. We have set the standard for creating beautiful events by offering innovative ideas and creative approaches throughout the entire journey.

We are passionate with helping our couples secure their wedding venues at five-star resorts, private estates, castles, mansions, and museums in the United States and the Caribbean so their guests can receive an extraordinary experience.

Relax, breathe, and don’t worry about all the {behind the scenes} details of planning your next event.  Allow Events By Seven, to help you and yours with your venue selection, budget, contracts, design & décor, hotel room blocks, wedding weekend festivities and much more…


Campbell Family Session

M {Married to her best friend, soul-mate and the father of their  two “sassy” little girls.}

A {Always looking for any reason to shop and to take a mini vacation.}

R {Realized about seven years ago, that she is obsessed with pop country music.}

S {Spends a lot of time in prayer and devotion, “without Him, living would be impossible.”}

H {Huge on giving hugs, don’t worry, she is not creepy.}

A {Always has a genuine smile on her face.}



Wedding Planner Orlando Wedding Planner Luxury Wedding Planner Black Wedding Planner Destination Wedding Planners Event Planners Event Designer Coordinator









A {Ambitious. Dedicated. Self-motivated}

S {Shows love & passion to everything she sets out to do}

{Has a mild obsession for every kind of sweet junk food}

L {Literally, she can spend ALL of her free time watching Netflix & Hulu}

E {Enjoys planning amazing, memorable & FUN events}

Y {Your go-to girl for getting things done right}